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Catalant’s technology platform and programs enable companies to get mission critical work done faster.

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Business Talent Group

BTG is a marketplace that connects high-end independent management consultants, subject matter experts, boutiques, and executives with top companies to solve their biggest problems.

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SpareHire is an online work marketplace that enables organizations to find and engage top-tier finance and consulting professionals for project-based work.

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GLG is a technology-enabled learning platform that connects top professionals with experts.

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AlphaSights helps today's business leaders succeed by providing them with fast, flexible access to deep industry knowledge worldwide.

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Guidepoint is a leading expert network that connects business decision-makers and researchers with knowledgeable independent experts.

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Third Bridge

Third Bridge Group is a provider of research services to private equity and hedge funds.


DeepBench is a technology platform that connects users with advisors to access insights for their business or research.


Atheneum empowers business decisions by providing clients with in-depth market insight via Atheneum Expert Platform.


Talmix instantly matches client requirements to independent business talent from its global pool of 40,000 consultants.

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Duco Experts

Duco is a B2B SaaS marketplace reinventing the way enterprises hire high-end consultants for high-value projects.

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Eden McCallum

Eden McCallum is a management consulting firm that provides its clients with pragmatic actionable business advice.